3rd Annual Empire Aesthetics-Meeting™ (EAM™ 2019™)

December 7th, 2019, at The Westin New York at Times Square

The Empire Aesthetics-Meeting™ (EAM™ 2019™)
The EAM™ 2019 was born out of the desire to bring together multi-specialty Aesthetics Medicine and Anti-Aging professionals to showcase the best of the best Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging non-surgical, non-invasive and most successful physician experts from around the globe to share their knowledge and provide training in this expanding field.

Don’t Miss World-Class Event: Empire Aesthetics-Meeting™ (EAM™ 2019™ 2019)
The EAM™ 2019 is the conference to attend to learn from key physician opinion leaders in the industry (KOLs),  industry giants with celebrity status following who continue to pave the way for unparalleled opportunities for financial success in this continuing evolving discipline. Participants’ learning potential is enriched through attendance at rotating 30-minute clinical and business presentations, detailed live demonstrations, questions and answer sessions, panel debates with the instructors, and networking with other experts and colleagues in the field.

Who Should Attend EAM™ 2019™?

EAM™ 2019 welcomes those who want to learn the latest and most up-to-date Aesthetics Medicine and Anti-Aging practice and business development advances that are immediately actionable for growing participant’s medical aesthetics and medical spa businesses. The EAM™ 2019 is an early sell out and attracts medical practitioners, including specialists in plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, gynecology, dermatology, general practice, dentistry and nursing.

The EAM™ 2019 is designed to immerse participants in world-class education and training on the newest topics and trends in non-surgical, non-invasive Aesthetic Medicine to help them integrate medical aesthetics into their practice, advance their current practice, and generate increased revenue. Physicians with the most successful practices that have earned them widespread respect and have attained their own enviable financial goals will teach participants their keys to success to help participants employ similar strategies and tactics.

Medical Professionals from ALL specialties including, Plastic surgeons, dermatologists, family practice, internal medicine, emergency medicine,  ophthalmologists, gynecologists, nurses, and aesthetic professionals from the US and abroad will experience educational sessions from masters in the latest technologies and procedures for nonsurgical and surgical procedures to include regenerative and anti-aging medicine for the face and body (including Botox, PRP, fillers, lasers), clinical dermatology, genital treatments, hair treatments, and more. Participants will join in live demonstrations and have the opportunity to learn from vendors and manufacturers during the exhibit hall event.

The Empire Aesthetics-Meeting is a subsidiary of Empire Medical Training

Empire Medical Training is the premiere and still the number #1,  full-time physician-led nationwide provider of accredited continuing medical education and hands-on training workshops for physicians and healthcare professionals.

The industry’s preeminent educational leader, Empire Medical Training, has been providing a broad scope of accredited medical education courses for nearly 22 years. Empire has graduated over 150,000 physicians, nurses, and allied health care professionals, and trains nearly 15,000 practitioners annually. Only top of their field physician educators with proven and extraordinary clinical and business skills provide educational training to help physicians and allied health care professionals enhance their skills, improve patient care, and alleviate the typical stressors that practitioners are increasingly struggling to balance.

The accredited medical training industry’s most noted pioneer, Empire’s founder, CEO, medical director, and chief innovation officer Dr. Stephen Cosentino, never stops thinking bigger and better. Every day he is driven by the proverb, “When you reach the top, keep climbing.” The EAM™ 2019™ is rooted in the realization that the ever-evolving field of Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine demands a nimble educational environment, fueled by the challenge to climb to even greater demands to unearth even greater opportunities for physician and health care professionals’ success. For Dr. Cosentino, creating the Empire Aesthetics-Meeting™, where multi-specialty Aesthetics Medicine and Anti-Aging professionals can come together, learn from the best, unite, and grow their expertise, is the pinnacle of his career and brings him great pride.

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