Cosmetic Gynecology: The new “subspecialty” in Aesthetics

The new "subspecialty"

With today’s advancements in technology and information, we can safely and effectively help women look and feel their best, in their most intimate areas. Due to patient demand, aesthetic practitioners are performing more “vaginal rejuvenation” procedures than ever before using an arsenal of both invasive and noninvasive modalities. Threads are becoming widely used for many aesthetic enhancements and now we are seeing the benefits that threads can provide for cosmetic gynecology as well. Understand the outcomes that can be achieved using Threads and more about how the newer technology, “Vaginal Narrower Threads” and how you can integrate this into your Aesthetic practice.
VAGINAL NARROWER is a bidirectional convergent thread that revolutionizes the surgical method for suturing the perineal muscle. Due to its absorbable structure and ease of use, it allows a minimally invasive approach to a very common problem among women to this day only treated surgically.
The Vaginal Narrower Threads have many indications and are indicated for the younger woman, as well as both perimenopausal and menopausal women. Learn from top Aesthetic Gynecologist the techniques and protocols to perform the technique, and help you evaluate this technique for your practice.