Filler Complications: Essential Pearls in Anatomy, Technique, and Management – Meet the Experts

Filler Complications

This is a “must see” presentation by renowned Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ramtin Kassir, who is also the Director to Empire’s Advanced Facial Anatomy Cadaver Program, and renowned physician, Azza Halim, MD.
This presentation comprises the highlights and essential points from the advanced Facial Aesthetics Cadaver course.
Facial procedures such as with BTX-A, Dermal Fillers, Thread lifting, and others have an inherent degree of risk and associated complications. Some of these risks are irreversible and catastrophic in some cases such as those associated with ocular emboli, occlusion, or blindness.
With the proper knowledge and technique, complications can virtually be eliminated, or at least significantly reduced.
Learn from top experts exactly what structures to avoid, gain a thorough understanding of the anatomy involved, and learn correct need placement technique, as well as essential pearls to injecting safely.