Peri-Oral Rejuvenation: Combination Therapies Using BTX-A and Fillers

Peri-Oral Rejuvenation

Even expert injectors will benefit from this presentation by Dr. Greggory Buford, who is a nationally renowned Plastic Surgeon recognized for his skill and experience with injectables, and who has taught many other plastic surgeons how to achieve safe, beautiful results with injectables.

Although we may all agree there is no ONE best approach to rejuvenating the perioral area , combination therapies using Neuromodulators (NM) and Fillers requires expert technique, individualized planning, and careful selection of the best products to use.

Dr. Buford will go through various patient scenarios detailing how best to approach each individual using combination therapies. Along with the peri-orbital region, the Peri-oral area is a key indicator of aging and is an area that is important to provide expert technique.

Dr Buford will discuss specific techniques to rejuvenate the peri-oral area, using BTX-A and a variety of prime dermal filler products. Learn how to shape and augment the lips, creating the “perfect lips”, while avoiding distorting or other unwanted effects. Learn how best to satisfy your patient request even if they are uncertain of the lip fullness their desire. Learn how to select the best filler for injecting throughout the peri-oral area as well as the lips.