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Program 1



Participants will learn from the Aesthetics Industry’s leading physician experts, the latest techniques, approaches, and products used for non-surgical injectable treatments. Practical demonstrations will focus on the

newest and most time-honored Neurotoxins and dermal fillers to prevent and correct volume loss, asymmetry, and fine lines and wrinkles.


Program 2

Aesthetic Dermatology


The science and practice of medicine and the art of aesthetics have converged to create the high demand for Aesthetic Dermatology. Participants will learn from these Cosmetic Dermatology experts the new global approaches to the

treatment of skin conditions that adversely affect facial appearance and health. Live demonstrations will include practical methods, ideas, and the technology options to achieve desired results.


Program 3



Aesthetic practitioners that are looking to advance their knowledge of the less invasive, anti-aging facial rejuvenation procedure that involves threads will get a fine-tuned and practical education through lectures that examine outcomes

data (safety and efficacy), and procedural techniques. Lectures will include the latest products and technical approaches, and live demonstrations to enrich the learning process.


Program 4



Beyond the clinical know-how and expertise, participants will learn the most successful and updated techniques to achieve practice profitability goals. EAM™19 will provide lectures in marketing, PR, practice management,

and more from highly credentialed, experience staff.


Program 5



Participants will be able to meet directly with exhibitors representing various Aesthetic Medicine sub-specialty sectors. This opportunity to get up close with the representatives from the respected vendors provides the

perfect complement to the complete array of lectures.


Program 4

and much more…


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EAM 2019™ is the perfect destination to hone your skills

in the most trend-worthy developments in the Aesthetics industry today.


  • Annual Empire Aesthetics Meeting

    December 7th, 2019

  • Learn Innovative, advanced techniques on Facial
    Injectables (BTX-A, Fillers, Threads) from leading expert Plastic Surgeons and
    Dermatologists. This highly selective group of renowned “celebrity” physicians
    are regarded as top injectors in the country and are eager to share their
    techniques and experience. Practitioners will be presented with lectures and
    live demonstrations in the afternoon, as well as individual time with our
    dedicated faculty to answer questions and provide valuable insights on this
    valuable information.

  • Program 7Cocktails, entertainment, music, hour
    deurvs , networking with your colleagues, Empire Medical Training Physician
    Faculty, invited guests, Celebrity Physician KOLS , vendors,
    Photo opportunities, step and repeat, red carpet, photo booth

  • Program 11

    Your faculty: Tj Tsay, MD| Dr. TJ TSAY, started his
    career as an Emergency Room Physician , turned Top Aesthetic Physician
    will share his techniques that have him crowned as the GURU of non
    Surgical Aesthetic Treatmetns. Dr. Tsay, one of the most well
    credentialed Physicians, residency trained from the well esteemed is a
    modest, humble person with exceptional skills and a desire to share his
    knowledge and expertise with other practitionres.

    You will learn:
    Combining PDO
    Threads with Dermal Fillers and PRF (the second generation PRP) is the
    new standard stackable, upgraded approach that significantly augments
    patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, and creates truly unparalled

    Stackable Treatment Benefits:

    • Combining therapies is effective in achieving the most natural,
      three-dimensional results.
    • The addition of multicomponent non-surgical procedures creates an
      effective outcome.
    • Treating the multifactorial causes of aging at one setting achieves
      a more natural result.
    • Using a stackable treatment protocol provides a more dramatic
      outcome, with results extending over a longer time.
    • PDO Thread Lifting, a mainstay in the Aesthetics
      practitioner’s arsenal of cosmetic enhancement procedures, is
      rapidly gaining momentum as a top requested procedure by
      patients, both men and women.
    • Newer thread materials and technological advances have created a
      market niche that could outpace patient requests for
      partial, and even full facelifts!
    • Not only do PDO threads provide an immediate lift to the midface,
      jowls, neck, and eyebrows, the procedure also provides the added
      benefit of stimulating collagen growth.
    • Beyond its use for correcting wrinkles, and marionette lines, its
      use is gaining attention for its ability to produce dramatic
      results for augmenting and shaping lips.

  • Program 14

    Even expert injectors will benefit from this presentation by Dr. Greggory
    Buford, who is a nationally renowned Plastic Surgeon recognized for his
    skill and experience with injectables, and who has taught many other
    plastic surgeons how to achieve safe, beautiful results with

    Although we may all agree there is no ONE best approach to rejuvenating the
    perioral area , combination therapies using Neuromodulators (NM) and
    Fillers requires expert technique, individualized planning, and careful
    selection of the best products to use.

    Dr. Buford will go through various patient scenarios detailing how best to
    approach each individual using combination therapies. Along with the
    peri-orbital region, the Peri-oral area is a key indicator of aging and
    is an area that is important to provide expert technique.

    Dr Buford will discuss specific techniques to rejuvenate the peri-oral area,
    using BTX-A and a variety of prime dermal filler products. Learn how to
    shape and augment the lips, creating the “perfect lips”, while avoiding
    distorting or other unwanted effects. Learn how best to satisfy your
    patient request even if they are uncertain of the lip fullness their
    desire. Learn how to select the best filler for injecting throughout the
    peri-oral area as well as the lips.

  • Program 8

    This is a “must see” presentation by renowned Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ramtin
    Kassir, who is also the Director to Empire’s Advanced Facial Anatomy Cadaver
    Program, and renowned physician, Azza Halim, MD.

    This presentation comprises the highlights and essential points from the
    advanced Facial Aesthetics Cadaver course.

    Facial procedures such as with BTX-A, Dermal Fillers, Thread lifting, and
    others have an inherent degree of risk and associated complications.
    Some of these risks are irreversible and catastrophic, such as those
    associated with ocular emboli, occlusion, or blindness. With the proper
    knowledge and technique, complications can virtually be eliminated, or
    at least significantly reduced.

    Your faculty: RAMTIN KASSIR, MD, a Triple
    Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Azza Halim, MD, Board Certified
    Anesthesiologist, Aesthetic and Anti Aging Specialist, Clinical
    Director, Empire Medical Training.

    You will learn:

    • Highlights and essential takeaways from the Empire Medical
      Advanced Facial Aesthetics
    • Learn what structures to avoid, gain a thorough understanding of the
      anatomy involved, and learn correct need placement technique, as
      well as essential pearls to injecting safely.

  • Program 9
    The social media landscape is evolving at a dramatic pace. There was a time not
    too long ago where social media for business involved no more than just a few
    simple Facebook posts each week. Media is a principal marketing tactic to
    enhance your Aesthetics’ brand and differentiate your services.

    Your faculty: TIM SAWYER, Cristal Clear Digital Marketing

    You will learn:

    • Approaches to take now to future-proof your social media marketing
    • Award winning digital strategies that are cost-effective and easy to
    • Time-honored marketing strategies, tactics, tool and tips that you
      can immediately and synergistically integrate into your overall
      marketing plan.