PDOgro™ for Hair Growth

Pre-Conference Workshop

Non Surgical Hair Restoration: Top Hair Restoration Surgeon – Live Presentation and Demo

Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Medical Hair Loss

PDOgro™ for Hair Growth 1Hair Loss Restoration Treatments is the second largest segment of aesthetic procedures performed in the United States in 2018.  There are over 90 million Americans that suffer from hair loss and hair miniaturization with over 30% being female. The latest treatment options for alopecia and endocrine system changes allow for the reversal and correction of hair loss for the majority of your patients.

With the significant increase in patient demand along with newer, more effective and reliable treatment regimens, we are seeing more physician specialties learning how to integrate this sub specialty into their aesthetic or medical practice.

Empire is offering this Preconference Workshop to introduce the latest in Medical Hair Science and non-invasive treatments proven to stimulate hair growth and give physicians options for the correction and reversal of hair loss and hair thinning. Though many forms of hair loss have a hereditary component , we are now equipped to not only slow the process of hair loss, but also to dramatically reverse and restore hair in both men and women.

PDOgro™ for Hair Growth 2Introducing PDOGRO™ developed by Dr. Alan Bauman, world- renowned hair transplant surgeon, a proprietary non-surgical treatment that requires no recovery time, no aftercare or restrictions, and zero downtime.  This proprietary process is only being presented as part of the Empire Aesthetic Meeting™ event and entails inserting PDO Threads into the scalp in thinning hair areas to stimulate hair regrowth by rejuvenating distressed hair follicles.  Dr. Bauman will share his proprietary protocols and methods for the treatment. In addition, the program has been structured to review all the elements of The Bauman Hair Coach© Program which is a comprehensive hair restoration program that addresses all the non-surgical treatments used to treat hair loss and promote hair growth including:

  • FDA Approved Medications and Medical Devices
  • PDOGRO™- PDO Thread Procedures
  • Custom Compounded Pharmaceutical Therapies
  • Mechanical Solutions (Platelet Rich Plasma, ACell, Stem Cells, Growth Factors, and Cell Therapies)
  • Nutritionals and Nutraceuticals
  • Topical After-Care Formulations
  • Low Level Laser Therapies (Red LED)

This evidence-based, half- day program has been developed and will be taught by Dr. Bauman personally and will prepare the physician to offer medical hair restoration therapies customized for male and female patients based upon presentation.  Included within the program are protocols, diagnostic tools (Cross Section Trichometry), and administrative considerations in offering these services as well as the “pearls” to feel confident in offering these new hair restoration procedures immediately upon completion of the course.  In addition, Dr. Bauman will provide detailed business protocols and information on the business aspects, including marketing, pricing, social media, and much more to assist you in integrating this new subspecialty.

Live Presentation and Demo

Expand your medical and aesthetic practice to include the latest innovations in Medical Hair Restoration therapies and enhance patient care and satisfaction.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify, evaluate and treat different hair loss conditions.
  • Utilize Dr. Bauman’s proven treatment protocols, which are time-tested and clinically proven to help patients reach their hair restoration goals.
  • Attain a thorough understanding of the different types of medical hair loss treatments, including FDA-approved medications and medical devices, custom compounded pharmaceutical therapies, PRP injections, growth factors, stem cells, cell therapy, nutraceuticals, and minimally-invasive procedures including PDOgroprocedure.
  • Expand a medical practice by helping patients who are suffering from unwanted hair loss by enhancing and improving their appearance, self-image, as well as their overall well being.
  • Learn how to use advanced diagnostic tools, like the
  • HairCheck® trichometer, to establish patient baselines and track the progression of hair loss as well as regrowth.
  • Learn proper patient selection as well as critical-to-quality preparation protocols and application techniques for the use of Platelet-Rich Plasma with extracellular matrix for non-surgical treatment hair loss.

Alan Bauman
North America’s #1 Top Hair Restoration Surgeon, Internationally renowned Hair Transplant Surgeon and recognized as both a “top 5 Transformational CEO” and one of “10 CEOs Transforming Healthcare in America” by Forbes.

Alan Bauman
Hair Transplant Surgeon